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“Many of us are working to close the gap of where we are and where we want to be as stewards of the Earth.  We are creating a bridge over the unsustainable unknown and into a place of understanding, balance and harmony with nature- an arc from arcadia of the past to the promise of our future.”

About Archers of Arcadia

In the night sky, the archer forever pulls his bow back, aiming for goals and progress with a resolve of justice.  Sagittarius (Latin for "archer") is a teacher, philosopher, healer, and warrior.


Arcadia is a place of perfect peace, where all is innocent and all beings live in harmony.  It is a simple state of being among a balanced and bountiful natural utopia.


Archers of Arcadia aims to create an arc from this pastoral past into the present to preserve our future through native plants, education and outreach.

Formerly "Archer of Arcadia" as a consultant and educator, the name was changed to "Archers of Arcadia" with the opening of our native plant nursery in 2024 to honor all who aim for environmental wellness.

My bio

Danielle began her journey in conservation in 2011 when she started studying and propagating native plants.  Each year since, she has shared thousands of plants with her local community while continuing to study hard both in and out of academia.  She went through college as both an English major and Sustainable Agriculture major for which she obtained her degree.  At this same college, she was hired to work for the Sustainable Agriculture program as an Interpretative Naturalist where she has been employed for the past 7 years.  Danielle works hard at maintaining the campus Specialty Gardens, building educational and environmental value to the campus grounds and teaching regular workshops to students and the greater community.  She is an environmental activist who volunteers for local conservation efforts and has sat on the Board for both the Black River Audubon Society and Wild Ones Greater Cleveland Area for several years.  She acquired her Master Gardener Certification through Ohio State University Extension in 2020 and earned her Interpretive Guide certification through the National Association of Interpretation more recently in 2023.  Danielle is passionate about the intricate weave of ecosystems, environmental health, biodiversity and wildlife habitat.  Her goal is to enable the local community to create healthier ecosystems that support habitat for the wildlife who so desperately need our help.


Please contact Danielle to discuss scheduling and fees


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